More Pictures from our customers - EXTERNAL LINKS

Here are some more photos taken by our customers which are not yet uploaded to this gallery:

BOSS Adventure (Breathable Observation Submersable Scooter) by Lynda McPheron

Surfing at 71 - Bob Breen from Florida - Picture 1  , Picture 2

Diving with Sharks - Taken by Ron Meron in Mexico ( Bonica 1080P ) 

Claudio in South America

Taken by Phyllis Schorr with Panasonic Lumix and Bonica LED Light

Seychelles by Kari Saikkonen - taken with a Nikon D700 and Aquatica Housing

Grand Caymans by Jeffrey Srsic - Taken with Canon 50D - Nimar Housing and Strobe

Videos by Scott Putnam - taken with Sony HDR-XR520V 

with Amphibico Dive Buddy housing and Discovery lights

Video in UTILA - taken by Vafa

Surfing with Aquatica Housing - by Scott  and some Surf Videos

Turtle in Hawaii by Ali

Stills shots taken in Mautirius by Florin Lllia with a Stingray G2 housing and Sony HDR-XR550V camera

Videos in Bonaire taken by Nathalie Castro taken with a Sony HDR-XR550V and Equinox housing

Maud Returns Home Project on CBC National News in Canada - Underwater Footage by Jan Wanggaard with Canon 5D Mark II in Aquatica housing

Picture 1 Picture 2 - Taken by Per Grondal in the Red Sea Egypt with a Canon G9 and Fantasea Big Eye

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