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Ports Charts

When purchasing a dSLR or mirrorless housing, you will also need a lens port according to the lenses you intend to use. Choosing the correct lens port is crucial for getting your gear to work the way it should underwater.

The best way to figure out the correct lens port would be to ask our experts.

If you would like to try figuring out yourselves, we have listed most relevant port charts below. Just pick your manufacturer, find your lens in the port chart, and search for the correct ports and gears on our store according to the item number.

Aquatica Port Charts

List of Aquatica Port Charts - Different chart according to camera body

Nauticam Port Charts

Nauticam Port Charts

Ikelite Port Charts

Ikelite Port Finder

Sea and Sea Port Charts

Sea & Sea System Charts
Sea & Sea Strobe Compatibility Chart

Inon Compatibility Charts

Inon Full System Chart
Inon Mount Base Compatibility

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