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#ReDiveProject – Instagram Challenge

After the industry got hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, diving is resuming slowly around the world. Thus, #ReDiveProject was born! The goal of this movement is to increase awareness to the ocean and to get people excited about diving again!

For 14 days, we encourage divers and underwater photographers to post their amazing photos every day, to share their love for the ocean with their followers.

Each day we will also post tips on how to shoot the daily subject, so stay tuned and follow us on Instagram and the blog!

Daily themes:

July 1 – Blennies

July 2 – Sharks

July 3 – Rays

July 4 – Octopus

July 5 – Parrotfish

July 6 – Moray Eel

July 7 – Crabs

July 8 – Shrimp

July 9 – Seahorses

July 10 – Clownfish

July 11 – Nudibranch

July 12 – Pipefish

July 13 – Coral

July 14 – Turtles 

Join the fun! Just simply post one underwater photo each day according to the daily theme, and put this in your caption:

#ReDiveProject by @uwcameras!

Follow us on our official Facebook and Instagram pages as we will be posting a daily reminder of the themes there!

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