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New LED Video Lights by Sealife

Sealife, known for their superb quality and user friendly products, have recently added several new and exciting underwater video lights to their Sea Dragon lineup.

All lights are rated to 60m / 200ft and can be expanded and adapted to fit any camera or housing with the innovative Flex-Connect tray and arm system, and a variety of different adapters and mounts.

Let’s go over the new lights:

Sea Dragon 2500F Video Light

The 2500F model implements a flat panel COB LED technology, designed to deliver a light as close as possible to sunlight, with a CRI of 90 and a strong output of 2500 Lumens in a superwide 120-deg beam.

Sealife Sea Dragon 2500F Video Light
Sealife Sea Dragon 2500F Video Light

SL671-2 SL989-2

The Sea Dragon 2500F can burn up to 60 min on full power is controlled with a single button for easy operation.

It can be purchased alone, with a single Flex Connect tray and arm or as a Duo with a dual Flex Connect Tray.

Sea Dragon 2500F (Light Only)

Sea Dragon 2500F Mounted on a Sealife Flex-Connect Tray Light Set

Sea Dragon Duo 5000

Sealife Sea Dragon 2100SF Spot / Flood

The Sea Dragon 2100SF was created as a versatile dual use light, capable of producing two different beams – a 2100 Lumen, 100-deg wide Flood beam and a 800 Lumen, 15-deg Spot beam.

Sealife Sea Dragon 2100SF Underwater Video Light
Sealife Sea Dragon 2100SF Underwater Video Light

Dual purpose lights are very popular for those looking for an all-in-one light, meant to be used as a video light and a dive light as well. The 2100SF also comes with several adapters and can be further expanded with Sealife’s Flex-Connect system.

You can get the light as a standalone or with the Single Flex Connect Tray.

Sea Dragon 2100SF Video/Dive Light (Head Only)

Sea Dragon 2100SF Mounted on Single Flex Connect Tray

Sealife Sea Dragon Mini 650

The new Mini 650 is an upgraded version of the older Mini 600. It comes in two different models – 650S Spot 15-degree Dive Light and 650F Flood Video Light. Both are set at a very affordable price range and a compact travel-friendly size.

650F Mini Flood Video Light

Sea Dragon Mini 650F
Sea Dragon Mini 650F

More Info Here

650S Mini Spot Dive Light

Sea Dragon Mini 650S
Sea Dragon Mini 650S

More Info Here

The 650 Mini Lights come with various adapters to fit any type of gear including GoPro, SeaLife AquaPod, YS mount and Coldshoe Mount.

SL650-3 SL650-4 SL650-5


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