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I-Torch Venom 35s Video Light Review

The I-Torch Venom 35s is a high end underwater video light, capable of outputting 3500 lumens of light at full power Flood mode and 1000 lumens on Spot mode.

Main specs:

  • Lumens: 3500 in flood
  • Beam Angle: 120 degrees UW, 18 degree SPOT
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium
  • Burn Time: ~60 minutes @ 100%
  • Switch: 2 Push buttons and LED read out for battery power level
  • Material: Anodized aluminum head, polycarbonate body
  • Modes: 4 x White, 2 x Red, SPOT
  • What’s Included: Battery, battery charger, YS mount
  • Extra Batteries Available: $180/battery MSRP



The Venom 35s is built from high quality materials – Anodized aluminum head and a polycarbonate body, feeling very sturdy in your hand. It comprises of two parts:

(1) The battery which is integrated in the polycarbonate body and includes a 1/4″-20 mount screw, YS mount included and optional ball mount available. This part is equipped with dual O-rings for creating a more secure seal.

(2) The light head, which contains 6 white LED’s for flood mode, 3 focused white LED’s for spot mode, 2 red LED’s for Red mode. 2 push buttons are located at the top of the light head, as well as an LCD screen for showing battery and mode and a safety valve at the bottom.

The body is actually interchangeable between the other Venom models, making it possible to switch light heads as needed.


The Venom 35s is built to be a highly versatile light, with 3 operating modes – Flood, Spot and Red. There are 4 power outputs on Flood mode, 2 power outputs on Red and one for Spot. Switching between outputs and modes is much easier than other lights thanks to the dual buttons on the top – the left button switched between modes and turns the light On/Off, while the right button alternates between power outputs.

The light has a memory function which means it will power up on the same mode it was on the last time, and it returns to the same power output after switching between modes, making it much easier to control.

To switch On/Off simply press longer on the left (mode) button.

I recommend leaving it on Spot mode when exploring and switching to flood when you are ready to take a video. This saves battery allowing you to go through several dives on one charge. Spot mode uses a very small amount of battery power so you can leave it on without worrying too much.

Battery life is defined as 60 min on full power, but I rarely leave it on full power for a whole dive, so I found that you can go through 3 dives on one charge easily, if you remember to conserve energy between videos.


The Venom 35s comes with a YS mount as well as a spare O-ring and interchangeable colorful external O-rings for personalizing your light.

A useful lanyard is also included, as well as a soft pouch for the light head and a charger.

What I like most

– Very compact, easy to travel with.

– 2 Buttons – faster mode switching.

– Battery indicator, helps plan your dive better.

– Battery lasts almost forever on Spot mode.

What I dislike

– No interchangeable battery, getting a second is pricey.

Sample Video (I’m not much of a videographer, so I got the WB a bit off here. Sorry about that!)

Shot with a single Venom 35S on Flood Mode, using an Olympus E-M5 Mark II with 60mm macro lens.


You can get the Venom 35s Here

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