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Fantasea Bayonet System Released

The newest addition to Fantasea’s line of accessories is a complete bayonet system, compatible with all of their housings and designed to facilitate the attachment of wet lenses underwater.

The bayonet system enables you to lock the lens in place using a simple 1/4 turn motion and locking the lens securely in place. A push of a button and 1/4 turn in the other direction, and the lens is released, allowing you to mount it on a dedicated lens holder positioned on your tray’s arm.

The full system chart is detailed below:

Fantasea bayonet system

The bayonet system consists of:

FA-4050 – Bayonet Female on M67 Housing MB1

Fantasea Bayonet 4050

FA-4067 – Bayonet Male for 67mm Macro Lens

Fantasea Bayonet 4061

FA-4069 – Bayonet Male for UWL-09F

Fantasea Bayonet 4069

FA-4061 – Bayonet Female on Arm MB2

Fantasea Bayonet 4061

Another accessory released along with the above items, is the FA-4071 – Lens Holder 67mm for UL Arm.

This allows you to mount any 67mm threaded wet lens or filter on any standard “ultralight” style arm, including Nauticam, i-Das, Kraken, OceanTray and more.

To learn more about the Fantasea Bayonet system, contact our experts via the online chat or shoot us an email to

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