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Underwater System Suggestion – Nauticam LX100

Once in a while we will post quick guides to help you create your own custom system that fits your needs. This time we will concentrate on the Nauticam LX100 housing!

Nauticam Panasonic LX100
Nauticam’s new housing for the Panasonic LX100 featuring 3 port options for wide and macro.

Here is what you might need:

  • The Panasonic LX100 camera – $800.
  • The Nauticam LX100 housing. – $1200
  • The housing comes with a standard rectangular flat port which allows full use of the zoom and can be mounted with this flip diopter holder. – $220
  • A very recommended macro lens to pair with that is the brand new CMC – Compact Macro Converter, which just came out. It is probably the best macro lens for compact cameras in the market. – $320
  • Another great option is the popular Subsee +10. – $225
  • For wide angle options, you can either get the Nauticam N50 Dome Port which would give you 25% wider angle than the flat port. – $280
  • Or you can get the Nauticam N50 Short Port which will not allow zoom but provides the best compatibility with wide angle lenses such as the Inon UWL-H100 Type2. – $180 + $522
  • As for lights, you can get either strobes or constant video lights, or both. You also need tray and arms to mount them and the camera. The Nauticam Flexitray is an excellent option. – $580
  • The Sea & Sea YS-01 is probably the most popular strobe available. Don’t forget the fiber optic cable and a YS to Ball Adapter! – $429 + $85 + $25
  • As for video lights, the BigBlue VTL2800 is excellent value for money with 2800 Lumens on flood mode and spot mode available as well. – $452
  • Check out more Strobe Packages or Strobe + Video Light Packages before you decide.

Total System Cost$2000 – $4000 (Depending on your choices)


This might be a bit overwhelming at first, but don’t feel like you have to get everything at once!

Getting just the housing and camera is great. I usually suggest one strobe as well but if you intend to shoot mainly videos, you can wait on that. A video light is not a necessity but a very nice improvement.

If you intend to shoot large subjects, a wide angle option is important. The dome might be enough wide for you though. It will give you 24mm underwater which is not bad at all!

If you are more into macro, you can start off just with the diopter holder and a macro lens, add one strobe, and you’re good to go.

Whichever you choose, we are here to help. Contact our experts so we can help you choose the right system for your needs!


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