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New Strobe Announced by Sea & Sea – Presenting the YS-D3

With new video lights being released every Thursday and housings popping up after every new camera model, we have to admit that what really gets us excited is the release of a new underwater strobe! The strobe market is rather static, with as few as one or two new strobes introduced every year throughout the entire industry. That is why the release of Sea & Sea’s YS-D3 underwater strobe is a reason to celebrate!

Sea & Sea’s YS-D2J and Inon’s Z-330 have been pretty much dominating the market for the past couple of years. They are both excellent strobes in pretty much every way, but of course there’s always something to improve! We are aware there were quite a few issues with the YS-D2, especially in the beginning. However, Sea & Sea have learnt a lot from those and we hope to see some serious improvements on the YS-D3.

Highlights of the YS-D3 strobe include:

  • Aspherical optical toroidal lens fitted over the flash tubes – improves light dispersion for a more even beam.
  • More power – rated at 33GN.
  • Strong target light – can be used as a dive light.
  • Easy to mount accessories with front bayonet ring.
  • Even faster recycle time! At 16GN there is almost zero recycle time and only 0.6s at 22GN.
  • New charging sequence allows you to fire even if strobe has not fully recycled*.

* Two ready-to-fire signals are sounded – one for 22GN and one for 33GN. When your power output is set to max (33GN), and you can’t wait for full recharge to get that perfect shot, the strobe will fire at 22GN. How cool is that?

The YS-D3 is now available, as well as complete packages with tray, arms and cables. Browse here.

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