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Sony Releases the RX100 VII

A year after the release of the Sony RX100 VI, Sony now announces the RX100 VII, the 7th generation of this popular and groundbreaking camera series.

This model is very similar to the Sony RX100 VI, it has the same lens 24-200mm, the same 1″ sensor and a very similar body.

Sony RX100 VII

So what has changed:

  1. Lower minimum ISO (down to 64).
  2. Faster continuous shooting (up to 90fps)
  3. Improved processor which makes the camera faster.
  4. Faster and more accurate auto focus. Eye tracking on video.
  5. Mic Input
  6. Video stabilization.

For underwater photography these 2 cameras are very much alike but improved auto focusing is always a blessing. If you are looking for a new camera to buy, this would be the one. If you already have a RX100 VI, I wouldn’t rush to upgrade.

Ikelite have already announced that their RX100 VI housing will be compatible with the VII. Fantasea will soon announce theirs and surely Nauticam will follow shortly.

The housings can be seen here

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