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Nikon Releases the Z 50 – Z-Mount for the Rest Of Us

Nikon have recently introduced the HUGE Z-mount with their new flagship Full Frame Mirrorless cameras – The Z 6 and Z 7. With the new Z 50 camera release, Nikon are aiming to the larger enthusiast market. The Z 50 is smaller, more affordable and more accessible to any consumer. The Nikon Z 50 includes the large Z-mount but features a smaller APS-C sensor, with a bit less features than its bigger brothers, but still quite impressive for a $859.95 USD price tag.

From the official product page, it’s immediately apparent that Nikon is aiming for a younger – millennial / vlogger crowd, with a strong emphasis on selfie features, travel, social media and ease of use.

The benefit for underwater photographers, is that the Nikon Z 50 is smaller, lighter and still supports the amazing optics of the Z-mount, at a much lower price. The smaller body also means smaller underwater housing, which is easier to handle, carry and likely more affordable.

We are looking forward to underwater housings for the Nikon Z 50 which will likely be released soon by Nauticam, Ikelite and perhaps other brands that find this model interesting to support.

Stay tuned and follow new housing releases here.

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