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DEMA 2013 Round-Up by Manufacturer


The DEMA show this year took place in Orlando Florida between Nov6 to Nov9.  I have finally gathered all the info to write a round-up of the new developments and our take on the show this year.  Better late then never and still very relevant as the new products will dominate the market throughout 2014.

I will summarize the information by manufacturer.


Nauticam have been working non-stop on new products and developments.  They have proved themselves once again this year as the leading innovators and most exciting booth on the floor.

The first thing I saw and played with was their new pressure sensor system that notifies you in advance of any loss of pressure that may eventually turn into a leak.  The system is very easy to use and will be installed in all the new DSLR housings and most mirrorless housings as well.

New housings that are in development are the Canon G16, Canon S120, Olympus OM-D EM-1, Panasonic GX7 and Original / Compact Black Magic .  The Canon 70D housing that has recently been announced is very impressive and this DSLR camera is creating quite the buzz among underwater photographers.

Canon G16 HousingPanasonic GX7 housingCanon S120 HousingSony RX100 II Housing

One of the exciting new things at the booth was the new Super Macro lens.

Nauticam Super Macro Lens

This is a very unique piece of glass designed for extreme macro work and provides close-ups at ration of 2:1 with a crisp sharp  images even at the corners.  Nauticam’s intent is to expand this line into more super macro lenses that reach even a 3:1 ratio.

Also seen at the booth are the new Carbon Fiber arms which will help making the packages neutrally buoyant.

Nauticam  is now distributing Keldan lights in the USA and have also displayed the new, high tech FIX lights with their unique fiber optic trigger.  

Keldan Lights Fix lights Fix video light fiber optic remote


Ikelite’s booth stopper this year was probably the new Canon G16 housing which comes in 2 versions: Small non-TTL and larger TTL housing.  This is very good news since the older G15 and G12 housings were a bit big when comparing to the competition and a smaller version was hoped for.

Ikelite G16 housing Fiber Optic Connection Ikelite G16 housing TTL vs Non-TTL Ikelite G16 housing TTL

Ikelite also announced the release of the Manta strobe which will be shipping before the end of the year.  It will be more powerful than the S&S YS-01 but also more expensive. (GN 22 and ~$600)Ikelite Manta Strobe

The Vega light will also soon be ready and will put Ikelite back on the map again with a powerful and attractive video light.

Ikelite Vega 2000 Lumen Video Light

Very exciting news in my opinion was the prototype that was displayed of their new compact DSLR housing for the Canon SL1.  Hopefully they can keep this housing in the $1000 range and that may be a first of many compact and inexpensive DSLR housings.

Ikelite Canon SL1 housing prototype


Fantasea displayed the new G16 housing at the booth which will be shipping next week (~Dec12).  The demand for this housing is huge and we already have pre-orders waiting for it.  The housing is very similar to the G15 and also is priced the same.  We have already listed our recommended packages with this housing and they can be seen here.

FantaseaCanon  G16 housing FantaseaCanon  G16 housing


Aquatica continue to make their exceptional DSLR housings.  This years new models are the 70D, Nikon  D600 and the popular D7100.  New housings will be announced next year.  We are crossing our fingers for a new compact housing line for mirror less cameras and high end point and shoots.

The Amphibico Rouge and Genesis line of high end video housings are very impressive on display and will continue to sell this year as well.

Amphibico Genesis FS700 Housing Aquatica 70D housing Aquatica 70D housing


Equinox continues to improve their housings making them smaller, more ergonomic and compatible with many cameras.  The Black Magic and the 70D DSLR are notable sellers for this upcoming year.

They have also announced a line of GoPro accessories which should be available later in the year.

Equinox's biggest housing ever


Olympus displayed one new prototype housing for the OM-D EM-1.  This housing is expected to be a very good seller if in fact it will be ready on time.  The current estimate is that it will take a while, at least 3-4 months.

Olympus OM-D EM-1 Housing Olympus OM-D EM-1 Housing

BTS – Beneath the Surface

BTS displayed this year their extensive line of Locline arm systems, especially for action cameras.  We are proud to have been one of their first dealers and we consider them to be close colleagues and the most innovative tray/arm manufacturer in the industry.  Almost any adapter between arms/trays or housings and lights are available. Custom made adapters are also made for us and others on a monthly basis.

Their complete catalog will soon be on our website.

DSC00048 DSC00047 DSC00046 DSC00045

Light and Motion

L&M are an easy to spot booth.  Always a very well designed booth, filled with people at all times.  The SOLA line was not changed much this year, 2 new additions: SOLA Video 2100 F/S which replaced the 2000 and SOLA 2500 Flood only which is their new lower end powerful light to fill the gap between the 2100 and 4000.

The exciting news this year was the release of the GoBe lights.  Light and Motion have been making Dive lights and Bike lights for many years and this development is a mixture of both.  A mid-range light that can be used for any outdoor and water related activity.  Highly versatile with replacing heads for Focus / Video or Dive light and comes at 2 power levels of 500 or 700 Lumens.

The lights will soon be on our website along with some great that combine a few of the Gobe’s features. Stay tuned for that.

Light and Motion Gobe Lights Light and Motion SOLA 2014 Light and Motion SOLA 2100 Light and Motion SOLA 2500F Light and Motion Gobe Lights Light and Motion Gobe Lights Light and Motion Gobe Lights Light and Motion Gobe Lights


Being proud Canadians, we are very happy to see a fellow Canadian company succeed and Itorch are doing very well.  Their line of underwater lights is expanding and getting better every year.

The new notable lights that were added to the collection this year are:

  •  i-Torch Video Pro6 (2400 lumens, 120 degree beam) – $649 Retail
  • i-Torch Video Pro7 (5000 lumens) – $999 Retail

Itorch Pro6 DSC00004 DSC00013 itorch iPix Iphone 5 housing DSC00015

Big Blue

Big Blue make very fine lights.  My personal favorites are their CF series of focus-able lights which I find perfect to double as both a dive light and focus light.

Their lights are constantly becoming more powerful, smaller in size and less expensive.  Some notable additions this year are:

  • AL350AFO  – 350 LUMENS, ALUMINUM, TWISTING BEZEL,55° BEAM ANGLE, AFO FEATURE – Replaces the AL250AFO and at a retails price of $99.
  • CF900P – New smaller version of the 900 Lumen focusable light.  This is a great light with variable 7-37 degree beam and can easily double as a focus light and powerful dive light. Retail is $219.99
  • VTL2500P  – Very interesting model that can double as a video and dive light.  2500 lumens  at 120 deg beam and 900 lumens at 10 deg beam.  4 levels of wide beam, 1 level of narrow beam, 1 level of red beam – Retail is $479.99
  • VL15000P – Extra powerful 15,000 Lumen light with a wide beam and 4 power settings of white ,1 power setting of Red.  Retail price is $1,399.99

DSC00041 DSC00038 DSC00036 DSC00032

Sea and Sea

As opposed to last year, S&S had some very interesting news this year with the launch of an RX100 II housing and the launch of the new compact RDX housing for the tiny Canon SL1 DSLR.

Announced as well is a  new MDX DSLR housings for the Canon 70D. Also launched is an optics fiber optic connection which will solve all the connection problems DSLR have with 5 pin sync cords.

More new housings are in the pipeline to be announced next year.

Sea and Sea SL1 housing Sea and Sea RX100 II housing DSC00058 DSC00064 DSC00063 DSC00062 DSC00069 DSC00068


Sealife made a dramatic change in their product line adding a new strobe, new video lights and a completely redesigned arm package.  Sealife call their new lightint package the “Sea Dragon”.

The strobe is very compact GN 20 and supports TTL with the camera.  Without the filter a light beam of 60×80 deg is achieved and a round 100 deg beam with the diffuser.  The strobe package with a tray and arm sells for $399.95

The video lights come in different models , 1200 lumens and 2000 lumens.  Both 100 deg beam, 3 power levels and uses lithium ion batteries.  The 1200 video light package sells for $399.95 and the 2000 lumen for $499.95.

The new flex arm system with the quick connects is probably the best quality flex arm I have seen with incredible quick connectors that take ease of use to a whole new level.

sealife-flex-connect-cold-shoe-mount-1 sealife-flex-connect-set

This is it for now , stay tuned to our blog for more updates on new products.


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