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Ikelite DL Underwater Housing Assembly

Ikelite DL

LensProToGo created a video to demonstrate how you can set up the Ikelite DL (Dry Lock) Underwater housing system.

In these videos, you will learn more about o-ring maintenance, installing of zoom gear, attaching the dome, and also doing a dunk test. They particularly used a Canon EF 17-40mm lens for the video. Take note that this procedure may vary for other lenses and zoom rings.

Product Used:

  • Ikelite 200DL Underwater DSLR Housing for Canon 5D III, IV, 5DS, 5DS R – IK-71702
  • Ikelite – DL 8″ Inch Dome Port – IK-75340
  • Ikelite – Universal Zoom Gear for Lenses up to 3.0-inch Diameter – IK-5509.28

Here is the two-part video demonstration:

Christine Ferrer

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