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DEMA 2012 Coverage – Equinox Housings

Equinox have been manufacturing video housings for many years.  They have come up with a unique solution to quickly make very reliable and easy to use housings by using PVC tubes of different sizing.

We have been selling their line for 5 years and this year they have made quite a leap forward.

This DEMA , they introduced their new HD5.  This housing is now small and compact, it only weighs 6 lbs without the ballast and is depth rated 100m / 330 feet.  The HD5 fits most consumer camcorders and specifically popular models like the Canon HFM 50,52,500,  Sony CX580, Sony CX700, Sony CX760 and more..  The HD5 is already bundled with the Equinox 2.5″ LCD monitor which is pre-mounted on the housings back plate.

Last year, Equinox started making DSLR housings using the same concept.  They have seriously improved this year by making their DSLR’s with almost full controls thus support every button.  They also added a compact version of the DSLR’s specifically for the Canon rebels which can fit in a smaller tube.

Equinox custom makes the housing to fit any lens required, if more then one lens is required they can usually accommodate that as well.  This feature allows them to sell the housings at 1300-1500$ retail port included.  Quite amazing for DSLR.

See some pictures below from the show and contact us for more information about Equinox housings.

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