Inspiring Divers to Become Photographers

Jody Ward | Mozaik Ambassador

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When I became in diver in 2006, I immediately started taking photos of my adventures and the marine creatures I encountered. I enjoy the challenge of taking great photos in an environment hostile to image capture and I share my passion by teaching compact camera classes at my local dive center.

I believe that everyone should be able to take the best possible photos with the camera they have and work with the students to help them get the most from their gear. Being successful with a simple camera rig gives them the confidence to branch out into more complex equipment and it is rewarding to see the pride they take in their improving photos.

I love exploring our planet, above and below the surface, with camera in hand. As a travel partner with my dive center, I organize, and lead, group dive trips all over the world. I have led trips to the Philippines, Central America, Fiji, Truk Lagoon, Caribbean islands and the California coast - taking photos all the way. I work with photographers of all levels on our dive vacations and the highlight of each trip is our photo night when we have a trip reunion and share all of our best images.

Diving is my passion. It is a spiritual experience for me to observe and, if I am fortunate enough, to interact with the amazing creatures of our mostly unseen underwater world. I strive for my photos to convey the emotion, the wonder and beauty of what I experience. A worthy goal… and always a work in progress.

Jody's Current Gear

  • Canon G16 Camera
  • Fantasea FG16 Housing
  • Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe

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