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Canon Releases the G7X Mark III

There have been many rumors on this one, and finally Canon have announced the official release of the Canon G7X Mark III (3)! This is a direct successor to the popular G7X Mark II, which has been among the two most popular compact cameras for underwater photography in the past 2 years. The other is of course the Sony RX100 Mark V, which was recently succeeded by the RX100 VI.

With this new release, Canon is publicly targeting vloggers, announcing this new camera as the ideal choice for vloggers. One of the main selling points for this model, is the ability to stream live video to YouTube and attach an external microphone. I know what you divers are thinking… Who needs that??

But that’s not the only upgrade! Canon has finally integrated 4K video in this model, with the ability to snap stills while recording video. They’ve also upgraded the processor to a Digic 8, which allows shooting an impressive 30fps in RAW burst.

Smaller upgrades include:

  • Brand new RAW format – CR3 which is more compressed
  • Revamped user interface, similar to the EOS R series.
  • Electronic shutter which allows shutter speeds of up to 1/25,600s
  • Focus bracketing (another feature from the EOS R series)

The physical size and shape of the camera remained very similar to the Mark II, if not identical.

We’re still waiting to hear from manufacturers such as Fantasea, Nauticam and Ikelite if the new G7X Mark III is supported in the G7X Mark II housings.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear!

Housings will be available here

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