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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I shoot video with an underwater Flash / Strobe ?

No, unfortunately, you can't due to the fact that a flash / strobe fires a flash for only a fraction of a second.

There are some strobes like the Ikelite DS-161 that include a built it video light which is usually quite weak. In that case , this strobe can be used for video but only with the means of the included video light.

Do I really need an Underwater Strobe ?

We get this question very often: "The strobe costs more than my camera, do I really need it ?"

Well, Yes! Read this article to learn why - Why Are Strobes So Damn Important?

A strobe is the only way to bring back the natural colors of marine life that are lost due to optical refraction underwater.

A picture is worth a 1000 words:

Underwater Strobe vs Ambient Light

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  • SKU: MOZ-S2000-KIT
    INON S-2000 w/cable MOZ-S2000-KIT Underwater Strobe featuring GN 20 with Fiber Optic Connections, No. Includes YS Adapter Included. Learn More

    Regular Price: $485.00


    Now at 3% Off

  • SKU: MOZ-D-200-OT-S
    Underwater Lighting Package with Inon D-200 - Mounted on a OceanTray Flex. Learn More

    Regular Price: $750.00


    Now at 7% Off

2 Item(s)

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