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Strobe Heads

Underwater Strobe Heads

Mostly called a Flash in general photography, underwater strobes emit a powerful split second burst of light for taking lighting stills shots underwater. Also checkout our Strobe Packages

Shooting underwater is complex and challenging. It is the field in photography even many experienced topside photographers struggle with. The challenges are low visibility, particles in the water, loss of color and more. Read more...

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  • SKU: IN-Z330
    INON Z-330 IN-Z330 Underwater Strobe featuring GN 33 with Fiber Optic / 5-Pin Connections, Yes, 220 Lumen. Includes Ball / YS, Not included. Learn More

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  • SKU: SS-03123
    Sea and Sea YS-D3 SS-03123 Underwater Strobe featuring GN 33 with Fiber Optic / 5 Pin Nikonos Connections, 1000 Lumen. Includes Ball Mount. Learn More

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About Underwater Strobes

An underwater flash is called a strobe and is very commonly used in underwater photography.

Here are the main advantages of using a strobe underwater:

1) ADD LIGHT - The water itself and the floating particles in them absorb the light from the sun causing much lower light underwater that above even in sunny days. A strobe simply adds synthetic light to the image.

2) ADD COLORS - The water acts as a blue filter , absorbing reds , yellow and warm colors causing images to be blueish and greyish. By using a strobe , you would add a broad spectrum light , simliar to the sun close to the object causing the real colors to be reflected back to your camera. The result is vibrant color photos.

3) REDUCE BACKSCATTER - As the water is usually filled with small particles , using the cameras built in flash causes the light from it to be reflected back from these particles to the cameras lenses. This will result in grainy and unclear images. By using an external strobes , the flash is lighting the scene from above or below causing these relflections to be in another direction and not facing the cameras lens.


Strobe Name Guide Number (Air at ISO 100) Focus Light Connection TTL Price
Sea and Sea YS-03 20 N Fiber Optic Yes $ 299.95
Sea Dragon Flash 20 N Sealife Flex-Connect Yes $ 349.00
I-Torch Symbiosis Light SS-3 20 N Fiber Optic Yes $ 399.00
Sea and Sea YS-01 20 Y Fiber Optic Yes $ 429.95
Ikelite DS-51 17 N Ikelite Sync Cord Yes $ 449.95
Inon D-200 20 Y Fiber Optic S-TTL $ 499.00
Inon S-2000 20 N Fiber Optic S-TTL $ 529.00
Sea and Sea YS-D2J 20-32 (80-120 degrees) Y Fiber Optic, 5 Pin Nikonos Yes $ 689.95
Inon Z-330 33 Y Fiber Optic, 5 Pin Nikonos S-TTL $ 699.00
Ikelite DS-160 24 N Ikelite Sync Cord Yes $ 799.00
Ikelite DS-161 24 Y (500 Lumen) Ikelite Sync Cord Yes $ 949.00

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