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Camera & Underwater Housing

Ready to Dive packages that include both the camera and an underwater housing to form your underwater camera package for scuba diving or other water activities.
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  1. Camera & Underwater Housing

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  • SKU: OL-V104210RU000
    Olympus V104210RU000 TG-6 Underwater Digital Camera , Depth Rating: 50ft/15m * Made of: Learn More

  • SKU: OL-TG-6-SET
    Olympus TG-6-SET PT-059 Underwater Housing AND Olympus TG-6 Camera , Depth Rating: 150ft/45m * Made of: Polycarbonate
    Learn More

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What is a camera housing bundle?

There are very few cameras in the market that are waterproof and one can go diving with, this is typically since the scuba industry is rather small and camera manufacturers do not want to invest money in R&D for such products.  For this reason, the typical setup for underwater photography and is standard topside camera that is enlclosed in a camera housing which is waterproof and pressure proof.  Such housings are made by roughly a dozen manufacturers in the world from different materials, quality levels and features.  Most housings support all camera's functions underwater but since they are mechanical and all buttons have to be pressed from the outside, these housings are rather bulky.

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