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Olympus PT-059 Underwater Housing AND Olympus TG-6 Camera

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  • 1 x TG-6 Camera
  • 1 x PT-059 Underwater Housing
  • 1 x Back door O-ring POL-059
  • 1 x Silicone Grease PSOLG-2
  • 1 x Silica gel packs SILCA-5S
  • 1 x LCD hood PFUD-08
  • 1 x Lens cap PRLC-12
  • 1 x fiber optic adapter PFCA-03
  • 1 x Camera mounts
Top Product Features:
  • One of the most exciting bundles available! The Olympus Tough TG-6 is a spectacular piece of engineering, including a surprising amount of fun features and capabilities. This bundle includes the PT-059 housing allowing you to dive up to 45m with this excellent camera. RAW is supported and more control than the previous TG-5.
  • This PT-059 Olympus housing will allow you to take your TG-6 deeper to 45m / 148 feet, while still maintaining full control over your camera.
  • The housing features a standard 1/4"-20 screw at the bottom ( tripod mount ) as well as a 52mm thread for wet lens mount.
  • A built in flash diffuser helps when the internal flash and slightly diffuses it, which is great for macro images. Sea and Sea Fiber Optic Connection adapter included - PFCA-03.
  • Contact us for tray options and more accessories.
Main Specs:
  • Housing Type: Compact
  • Depth Rating: 150ft/45m
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Model Name: PT-059
  • Housing Manufacturer: Olympus

Advantages of the TG-6 vs the TG-5

  1. Olympus added an option for minimum shutter speed when using flash. That's excellent because even with the lack of manual mode, you can make sure the shutter speed is very fast to darken the background.
  2. Microscope focus can now be achieved in aperture priority, so you can take advantage of a smaller aperture with microscope mode and get a larger depth of field and darker background.
  3. The LCD screen is significantly sharper, with 1,040k-dots as opposed to the previous 460K-dots LCD.
  4. 3 Underwater WB Modes have been added - Shallow (down to 3m), Mid-range (3-15m) and Deep (+15m).
  5. Improved image quality with the addition of an anti-reflective layer on the glass that protects the sensor.

Do you want to take your outstanding bright and super fast TG-6 for a dive in the deep sea?
Then the PT-059 underwater case is the right product for you as it extends the waterproofness of the TG-6 from 15 meters up to a water pressure equivalent of 45 meters.
This case is perfect for fascinating underwater photography. With its durable, high quality polycarbonate construction, it protects the camera from water while also cushioning it from knocks and bumps on land.
Complete control of photo functions, such as zoom and flash mode, is of course possible. Additionally the PT-059 features the optical connection to an external underwater flash. Thanks to the screw mount the attachment of underwater converters is also possible for perfect macro and wide underwater pictures.


  • Waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to 45m depth
  • Simple handling above and under water
  • All camera functions can be controlled
  • Neutral buoyancy under water
  • Screw mount for converter lenses and filters provided
  • Standard tripod socket permits attachment of lighting tray
  • Transparent back to detact water penetration
  • Multi coating glass to reduce inner reflections
  • Detachable LCD hood for LCD monitor

Rugged Design

The TG-6 is practically Lifeproof! Built to survive in a harsh environment and withstand any adventure you choose to pursue. The TG-6 is Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof, Crushproof and Freezeproof.

The camera features a weatherproof construction, perfect for any extreme conditions that may occur. It is equipped with an anti-fogging design to make sure your photos are crisp and sharp in any temperature or humidity conditions and includes an optional lens barrier to prevent dust and dirt from entering the camera's lens.

Image Quality

The sensor is protected by an anti-reflective coating to prevent ghosting and flare, the lens features a super fast f/2.0 aperture for stunning clarity even in low light conditions and a x4 optical zoom is available to get closer than ever to your subjects.

Most important for underwater photographers, RAW format is available, so that you can preserve the editing capabilities required for difficult underwater scenarios without compromising on image quality.

Cutting Edge Technology

The Olympus TG-6 includes action track sensors to record temperature, depth, location and direction, as well as a date imprint feature which is crucial for research, law enforcement and more.

It can record high definition 4K videos as well as 120fps Full HD and other options for high speed slow motion videos at 240fps and 480fps.

The buttons and dials are easy to handle even with gloves and WiFi is available for quick transfer of photos and videos to your favorite smart devices.

Built for Underwater

The TG-6 was designed with the underwater photographer in mind.
Unique and useful underwater modes are included, such as Underwater Microscope mode for those tiny critters and super macro images, Underwater Wide Angle, Underwater Snapshot, Underwater HDR, and standard Underwater Macro.

White Balance is automatically corrected for underwater to produce the best colors at any depth. Now with 3 custom modes - Shallow (down to 3m), Mid-range (3-15m), Deep (Deeper than 15m).

Breathtaking Macro Performance

The TG-6 is a macro machine! It can take stunning macro shots without any addition accessories, implementing cutting-edge technology to focus closer, quicker and more accurately, producing sharp results with the smallest subjects.

4 macro modes are available - Microscope, Microscope Control, Focus Stacking and Focus Bracketing.

The minimum focus distance is a staggering 1cm, allowing you to get as close as you want without any difficulty or focus issues.

Lead Time 10
Warranty Note 1 Year by Olympus
Popularity 995
Housing Type Compact
Depth Rating 150ft/45m
Material Polycarbonate
Housing Brand Olympus
Camera Brand Olympus
Camera Model TG-6
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Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year by Olympus

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