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Ikelite 6970.08 Underwater Housing AND Canon SL3 Camera w/S&S YS-D2J Strobe

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    1 x IK-6970.09 -- Ikelite 6970.08 Underwater Housing AND Canon EOS 250D / Rebel SL3 Camera

  • 1 x Housing
  • 1 x Canon EOS 250D / SL3 Camera Body
  • 1 x Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens
  • 1 x Canon battery with charger
  • 1 x Camera strap
  • 1 x USB interface cable
  • Rear O-Ring #0110
  • 1 x Front O-Ring #0132.36
  • 1 x Dome Port #5516.15
  • 1 x Neoprene Port Cover #0200.1
  • 1 x Zoom Gear #5515.11
  • 1 x Waterproof Bulkhead Cap #9104.5
  • 1 x Silicone Lubricant #0184.2
  • 1 x SS-03121 -- Sea and Sea YS-D2J Underwater Strobe Flash

  • 1 x YS-D2J Underwater Strobe Head
  • 3 x Diffusers ( 80/100/120)
  • 2 x Diffuser Strap
  • 2 x Red Filter
  • 1 x Ball Adapter
  • 1 x YS Adapter
  • 1 x M4 Hexagon Wrench
  • 1 x SS-17100 -- Sea and Sea 5-PIN SYNC CORD (N TYPE)

  • Sea and Sea 5-PIN SYNC CORD (N TYPE)
  • 1 x BTS-FA-14-YS-IKEQD -- BTS - Locline Flex Arm for mounting light / strobe on Ikelite Handle

  • 1 x 14" Flex Arm
  • 1 x YS Mount
  • 1 x Ikelite Quick Release Mount
  • 1 x IK-9523.63 -- Ikelite - Tray with Single Handle

  • 1 x Tray
  • 1 x Left handle
  • 1 x Mounting hardware for Ikelite housings
  • 1 x Mounting hardware for non-Ikelite housings
Top Product Features:
  • The Canon SL3 is the perfect companion for your underwater adventures, combining the quality of a DSLR with a travel friendly compact size. This bundle includes the strobe kit as well, allowing you to get bright colorful images right off the bat.
  • The Canon SL3 (AKA Mini DSLR) is the ultimate camera for underwater. Due to its small size, it can easily fit in Ikelite's Mirorless size housing, making it the smallest DSLR bundle in the market.
  • The Sea & Sea YS-D2J is a new version of the YS-D2, made in Japan. This high end strobe is the perfect combination of power, fast recycle time and portability!
  • This flex arm offers a unique and convenient way to mount a compact strobed or video light at the top of your DSLR housings handle. This will work with Ikelite Compact and DSLR housings, both the old and new tray version.
Main Specs:
  • First Light: Sea and Sea YS-D2J Strobe
  • Depth Rating: 200ft/60m
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Model Name: 200DLM/C
  • Tray/Arm System: Flex Arm Tray
  • Housing Manufacturer: Ikelite

Ikelite 6970.08 Underwater Housing AND Canon EOS 250D / Rebel SL3 Camera - More Features

  • Main Specs:
    • Housing Type: DSLR
    • Depth Rating: 200ft / 60m
    • Material: ABS-PC
    • Model Name: 6970.08
    • Housing Manufacturer: Ikelite
  • The housing offers full support for all the camera's controls, making it a breeze to use underwater.
  • Featuring Ikelite's DLM Type C Port mount, various lenses are supported for wide angle, macro and medium shots. Dome port included! Compatible with the 18-55mm, 10-18mm and the Tokina 10-17mm (14-17mm only)
  • The shutter lever can be easily extended using Shutter Trigger Extension #4077.93
  • Add Ikelite DS strobes for perfect True TTL output that nails the shot every single time.

Sea and Sea YS-D2J Underwater Strobe Flash - More Features

  • Main Specs:
    • Model Name: YS-D2J
    • Guide Number: 32
    • Connections: Fiber Optic / 5 Pin Nikonos
    • Built In Light: Focus Light / Red Filter
    • Mounts: YS Mount / Ball Mount
    • TTL: Yes with +/- Knob
    • Batteries: 4 x AA
  • With its circular beam angle of 80x80 or 100 x 100 or 120x120 accomplished with 3 diffusers and a guide number of up to 32 it is the most professional strobe for Point & Shoot cameras or DSLRs.
  • Includes a Fiber Optic Connector , Slave Sensor and 5 Pin Nikonos Sync Cord Connection (Cable sold separately)
  • Includes both a ball adapter and YS Mount connection
  • Depth Rating - 330 feet (100 m), Built in Focus Light with red filters, TTL , TTL Exposure Compensation.

BTS - Locline Flex Arm for mounting light / strobe on Ikelite Handle - More Features

  • Main Specs:
    • Part Type: Arm
  • This will be the most economic and convenient way to mount a strobe or video light on your DSLR handle without spending 200-350$ on a Ball and Joint arm.

Ikelite - Tray with Single Handle - More Features

  • Main Specs:
    • Part Type: Tray
  • Hard coat anodized aluminum tray with comfortable rubberized handle grips. We know every ounce matters in travel, so we shaved some extra weight off our previous Tray with Handles (Product Number 9523.61).
  • Mounting points and hardware are provided for both Ikelite and non-Ikelite housings for compact digital cameras. A central 1/4-20 threaded mounting point allows for the attachment of a tripod directly to the bottom of the tray.
  • The tray with release handle comes with the necessary hardware to mount to Ikelite housings featuring female mounting points with 3" (76mm) spacing.
  • Ikelite housings below serial number 37100 with male threaded tray mounting bolts on the bottom require 9523.09 Tray Spacer, sold separately.

This package is uniquely bundled by Mozaik Underwater Cameras and can be fully customized to fit your budget and needs. Please contact us for options and professional advice

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First Light Sea and Sea YS-D2J Strobe
Tray/Arm System Flex Arm Tray
Camera Brand Canon
Camera Model SL3
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