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Nauticam - TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon DSLR

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NA-26307 - Nauticam - Nauticam TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon DSLR
  • 1 x Nauticam TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon DSLR

Top Product Features:
  • Remove the standard, manual LED flash trigger, and pop in a Nauticam TTL Converter for Nikon featuring the exact same physical form factor, but electronic TTL conversion electronics for automatic flash control. This is a user installable upgrade!
  • Optical triggering works well with modern flashes like Inon Z-240, while electrical triggering supports Ikelite DS- and Sea & Sea YS-250 strobes.
  • Shooting with Fiber Optic cables means shooting with confidence. There are no sync cables to flood or corrode, meaning much higher reliability, and the strobe can even be removed from the rig, while underwater, for off-board lighting opportunities. Nauticam fiber optic cables have the highest light throughput of any optical cables on the market, making the Nauticam Flash Trigger even that much more reliable.
  • Flash triggers allow motor drive shooting sequences, perfect for fast moving action. Since the popup flash is not used, the camera does not have to wait for the popup flash to recycle, meaning faster shooting, less heat buildup, and longer camera battery life. Shoot as fast as your external strobes can handle!
Main Specs:
  • Part Type: Flash Trigger

Both optical and electrical triggering is integrated into this converter, and the mode you use depends largely on the flash connected. We always feel that optical triggering is preferred when used with a compatible flash, and recommend fiber optic connection with Inon D-2000, S-2000, Z-240, Sea & Sea YS-01, YS-D1, and YS-D2 strobes.  Electrical triggering is supported for future compatibility with flashes that lack an optical TTL mode.

These electronics are smart!  There is no power switch, and the electronics automatically enter sleep mode when the attached camera is not being used.  Battery life is is measured in the tens of thousands of flashes.

Support for Sea & Sea YS-250 and Ikelite DS-160 / DS-161 will be supported in future product releases.  These strobes have radically different discharge profiles, requiring updated software that is currently in development.  They also lack optical TTL triggering, requiring electrical sync cable connection.

Is this product compatible with previous Nauticam housings?

No, see the UW Technics converter below.

Will this part, 26307, be compatible with future strobes?

Unfortunately that depends...  There are differences in how quickly some external strobes can start and stop emitting light, and that has to be accounted for in the TTL converter software.  Ikelite DS-160 and Sea & Sea YS-250 will require a different part number, with different software profile, that will not be compatible with the strobes listed for 26307.

Is manual flash possible?

Sure, and there are lots of ways to disable TTL.  Likely the easiest way is to simply flick the switch on the external strobes from TTL to Pre-Flash Manual modes... Alternatively manual flash can be set by turning on "Auto FP" mode in the camera menu, or by setting a dip switch on the converter PCB.

Is Flash Exposure Compensation available?

Yes.  Flash EV Comp can be set in the camera menu, or can be set on the flash head with some external flashes.

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