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Ikelite Underwater Housing for Panasonic LX100

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  • 1 x Ikelite Housing
  • 1 x Port cover
  • 1 x Flash diffuser
  • 1 x Flash deflector
  • 1 x Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
Top Product Features:
  • Dive into underwater photography with this powerful yet travel-sized camera system. The Panasonic LX100 is one of the most promising compacts for 2015, featuring 4K video, a huge M4/3 sensor, time lapse and many more advanced features!
  • The housing is rated to a depth of 200 ft (60m). Supports True TTL via hotshoe!
  • Visible o-ring seals for added assurance.
  • Controls for all important functions including the front control ring.
  • Near neutral buoyancy in fresh water, 67mm port accepts accessory wide angle and macro lenses. Compatible with the Leica D-Lux (Typ 109) Camera as well.
Main Specs:
  • Housing Type: Compact
  • Depth Rating: 200ft/60m
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Thread Mount: 67mm

About The Camera

Building on its tremendously popular LX series, the LX100 combines a super fast lens with a massive micro four-thirds size sensor with 1.5x the effective size as compared to the Canon PowerShot G7 X or Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark III. It also sports a TTL flash hot shoe, which means you don't have to rely on the camera's built-in flash for automatic strobe exposure. Take more shots, faster.

The LX100 isn't just great for stills. Panasonic continues to lead the way in high definition video by offering 4K resolution at 30p and 24. Combine this with the built-in time-lapse function and you have all the tools you need to put together a fantastic video in, under, and around the water. Time-lapse is used all over broadcast media to add a sense of scene to video transitions. You know those shots where the clouds are moving and the sun sets in just a few seconds? That's time-lapse and all you need is a tripod and the LX100!

The True TTL Advantage

TTL or "Through-The-Lens" flash metering means the strobe interprets information from the camera to vary flash duration and properly expose an image. Only Ikelite supports true Panasonic TTL flash protocol with a direct connection to the camera's built-in flash hot shoe.

Direct TTL communications provides numerous advantages over optical, fiber optic, or LED triggered systems including:

  • More precise expsoure
  • Faster recycle times
  • Quicker shutter response
  • Rapid fire flash capabilities
  • Longer battery life
  • More great shots of any subject

Sync Cord Connections

The Ikelite-style electrical bulkhead is widely recognized as the most reliable waterproof strobe sync connection available. In order to communicate with the camera, compatible Ikelite DS strobes must be connected to the housing's electrical bulkhead using a single or dual TTL sync cord.

Non-Ikelite strobes may be connected to this bulkhead using a compatible sync cord, however the housing's circuitry will not receive power and the strobes will operate in manual exposure modes only.

Whether in TTL or manual exposure, use of an electrical sync cord eliminates the issues of signal interference, inconsistent exposure due to weak fiber optic transmission, and false triggering caused by light rays bouncing off the water's surface or your buddy's flash going off. Sync cords are comparably priced to fiber optic cords and are equally durable.

Wide Angle + Macro

The housing port is designed to accept color filter, wide angle, and macro options for 3.9-inch diameter ports. Light is absorbed very quickly as it passes through water. A subject will look darker, less colorful and somewhat grainy when viewed through even a few feet of water. The addition of a compatible wide angle accessory expands the camera's field of view underwater, providing the opportunity to get as close as possible to the subject and reduce the amount of water light passes through. The results speak for themselves - photos with the best color, exposure and clarity possible.

This housing is compatible with the WD-4 Wide Angle Dome for underwater wide angle which is sharper edge to edge than any external wet lens. The WD-4 provides a full 24mm angle of coverage—with zero vignetting (dark shadows in the corners of the image)—and no zooming required. Simple press-fit attachment allows easy removal underwater to shoot small macro critters.


This sophisticated installation supports all important camera functions including all three custom function buttons and front aperture dial. Rear controls are marked with laser engraved indicia which will never wear off or fade away.

The tray and handle shown are included with the base housing, providing comfortable handling and an attachment point for external lighting. The often imitated Quick Release Handle allows the attachment and detachment of accessory arms at the touch of a button. The soft over-molded rubber grip is gently curved to match the palm of your hand for reduced fatigue and to put the most used controls right at your fingertips.

The complete tray and handle removes with just two nuts for traveling or to add a dual tray with release handles.


There's no greater assurance than being able to see the o-ring seal. Simply close the two double-passivated stainless steel locking lid snaps, and see the o-ring form a solid black, watertight seal.

Even stainless steel isn't 100% immune to oxidation from exposure to saltwater. So we use a specially formulated polycarbonate blend that's lightweight yet provides all of the strength and durability you need as a diver, in a form that's fundamentally corrosion resistant.

Ikelite products are designed, built and tested in the USA. We use locally sourced, top-grade materials. Our housings are built by hand and individually tested for fit, function and waterproof integrity. We back our products with over 50 years of experience and service within the dive industry.

Strobe Compatibility

  • AF35: no
  • DS50: yes, above serial number 70000
  • DS51: yes
  • DS125: yes, above serial number 5000
  • DS160, DS161: yes
  • DS200: yes, above serial number 7163
  • Non-Ikelite: yes, manual flash exposure only


  • 200 ft (60m) depth rating
  • Controls for all camera functions except Diopter Adjustment Dial, Aspect Selector Switch, Front Control Ring, and Focus Selector Switch
  • Ikelite 5-pin bulkhead with TTL circuitry
  • Near neutral buoyancy in fresh water
  • Weight 4.7 lb (2.1 kg)
  • Dimensions 7 x 6 x 6 in (18 x 15 x 15 cm) including projections
  • 3.9-inch (99 mm) diameter glass lens port
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Warranty Note 1 Year by Ikelite
Camera Brand Panasonic
Camera Model LX100
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