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Sea & Sea Underwater Strobe YS-250PRO TTL (DOES NOT INCLUDE SYNC CORD)

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Sea & Sea YS-250PRO Underwater Strobe/Flash Head
Part SS-03108A

* * * The UW Strobe for the Professionals! * * *

This Strobe set is suitable for ALL DSLR UW housings made by any manufacturer

1 x Sea & Sea YS-250PRO Strobe/Flash Head
1 x Ni-MH Battery Pack
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Diffuser
1 x Arm Fixing Bolt
1 x Sensor Plug
1 x Silicon Grease
1 x O-Ring Installed

The YS-250PRO (part SS-03108A) does NOT come with an arm set.
Sea & Sea recommends using the Sea & Sea Arm VII Set with Tray (part SS-22104)
Check our listing for this arm & try set or contact us for more info

  • The Sea & Sea YS-250PRO is designed for the professionals. The strobe is packed with features to meet the challenges of digital photography in the underwater environment.
  • The YS-250PRO has a bright 1 watt LED target light This shows precisely where the strobe is pointed
    it is also bright enough to be used as a dive light on night dives.
    The target light automatically turns off momentarily when the strobe flashes.
  • The strobe features a large circular arc tube that emits a powerful flash at guide number 32 (its value on land / ISO 100 / m) when power is set to full.
  •  The strobe provides incremental manual flash power adjustment in 12 steps for fine adjustment of light. It also works in TTL mode with the converter for the YS-250PRO.
  • The YS-250PRO is lightning fast: it recycles in one second. The high-capacity Ni-MH battery is designed exclusively for the strobe. It stores enough power when fully charged for 300 full flashes.
  • The strobe also features a high-luminosity white LED target light in the center of the strobe. This shows precisely where the strobe is pointed.
  • It has a Ready Lamp and TTL lamp on each side of the strobe to indicate when the strobe is charged and when it is being controlled by the camera's TTL. An audible signal sounds when the ready lamp lights, so you can concentrate on your subject in the viewfinder and know precisely when the strobe is ready to fire again.
  • The YS-250PRO includes other sophisticated features such as two fiber-optic cable sockets and pre-flash cancellation that handles up to two pre-flashes from the camera.
  • Slave mode allows the strobe to be used in cordless dual-strobe or multi-strobe photography


  • Depth Rating:  200 feet (60 m)
  • Guide Number:  32 (ISO 100/m)
  • Coverage Angle:  105° X 105°
  • Flash Modes:  Manual, Slave, TTL with YS-250PRO converter
  • Cable Connections:  Connects with a fiber optic cable or Nikonos 5 pin sync cord
  • Exposure Control:  12 step guide number control
  • Slave:  Yes, can work as a Slave
  • Targeting Light: Yes, 1 Watt LED turns off when flash fires
  • Audible Signal:  Yes
  • Color Temperature:  5600° K; With diffuser: 5200° K
  • Recycle Time:  1 Second
  • Number of Flashes: 300 (when fully charged)
  • Power Source:  High-capacity Ni-MH battery (INCLUDED)
  • Weight:  Land 4.37 lbs (1.98 kg); Underwater: -0.40 lbs (-180 g)


Recommended Accessories

Arm & Try set for the YS-250Pro:

    • Sea & Sea Arm VII Set with Tray (part SS-22104)

Sync and Fiber Cables for the YS-250Pro:

  • Sync Cord (5-Pin) for YS Series Strobes to Nikonos Bulkhead (for housings with a TTL bulkhead) (part SS-17100)
  • Fiber Optic Sync Cable L-Type for Slave Strobes and Sea & Sea Cameras (part SS-50107)

Converters for Sea&Sea DSLR Housings
Converters allow TTL exposure control when connected to Sea&Sea DSLR cameras. The converter is compatible with all Sea & Sea YS strobes including the YS-100 and the YS-250Pro

  • YS TTL Converter for Sea&Sea Nikon DSLR Cameras (part SS-50117)
  • YS TTL Converter for Sea&Sea Canon DSLR Cameras (Part SS-50118)
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