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Price Drop On Aquatica A1Dcx Housing for Canon 1Dc And 1Dx!

Reduced pricing Aquatica A1Dcx

Aquatica just announced a significant price drop on the remaining stock of their A1Dcx housing compatible with the Canon 1Dc and 1Dx!

Instead of the regular price – $ 4,599 USD, you can now get this incredible high-end aluminum housing for just $3,599 USD! To sweeten the deal, Aquatica threw in the Surveyor vacuum monitoring system, a $ 349 USD retail value, and a onetime free factory maintenance service on the housing, a retail value of $ 375 USD.

The total savings for you would be worth $ 1,724 USD.

New price is valid while stock lasts!

Get the Aquatica A1Dcx housing here

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