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Featured Underwater Photographer – Itai Grisaru

One of the best ways to learn photography is to see other photographers’ work. We try to find some of the best underwater photographers in the world, and showcase their work, along with the gear they use, to help other aspiring photographers improve, learn new skills and get inspired.

This week we will feature the talented Itai Grisaru!

About Itai

My name is Itai Grisaru, I am an enthusiast underwater photographer and a marine biology student based in Israel. I started from diving in the Red Sea, and from then in the last 12 years I dove over 800 dives, most of them occurred in Australia, Indonesia and Israel. My passion for underwater photography started four years ago when I turned 21. I quickly realized that I am mostly interested in close up macro photography. I love the challenge in finding these tiny critters, often no larger than a thumbnail. What I like about macro photography is that good visibility isn’t always necessary. I love the challenge in finding these tiny organisms in harsh conditions, it makes the finding much more exciting.

Ladybug Amphipod- this shot was taken in Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia and was super challenging. These guys are no bigger than 3mm and are constantly on the move! I’ve used the CMC-1 stacked with the Noodilab Moby to get this shot which took me a lot of patience….

Itai’s Gear

The equipment I’m using is canon g7x mark II, Nauticam housing, Sea&sea YS-D2 strobes x2, Weefine WF068 smart focus 1000 torch.

I also use diopters for my macro shots: Nauticam CMC1, Noodilab moby x3.8 for super macro, and in extremely tiny subjects I stack both of them!

I also love using the Inon UFL-M150 ZM80 Underwater Micro Fisheye Lens for unique close focus- wide angle shots.

For wide angle shots im using the Nauticam WWL-1 wet wide lens.

Itai’s Work

Sea Turtle- this shot was taken in Eilat, The Red Sea, Israel.
just before the sunset, this Sea Turtle approached me and saw his reflection on the WWL-1, making him extremely friendly! With a high shutter speed for a black background, this photo is one of my favourites.

Whip Coral Goby- this shot was taken in Eilat, The Red Sea, Israel. This is one of my favourite Bugeye shots ever!

Weedy Sea Dragon- this shot was taken at Flinder’s Pier, just one hour drive form Melbourne, Australia. For this shot I’ve only used the camera and 1 strobe, no additional wet lens (:

Schultz’s Pipefish- this shot was taken in Eilat, The Red Sea, Israel. These guys are super shy during the day, making it almost impossible to shoot photos of, that’s why night diving is a good time for these kind of shots… for this shot I’ve used a large aperture for a bokeh effect.

Pajama Squid- this shot was taken in Edithburgh jetty, South Australia, no larger than a gold ball, and insanely cute! These guys are absolutely one of my main reasons to go back to the cold waters of South Australia.

Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse- this shot was taken in Lembeh, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. This tiny dude is one of my main reasons to go to Lembeh! For this shot I’ve used the CMC-1

Zebra Shark

Leafy Sea Dragon- this shot was taken in Wool Bay, South Australia. In this photo is a juvenile one which I’ve been waiting for so long to see!

Gymnodoris Nudibranch- this shot was taken in Eilat, The Red Sea,Israel. This is probably the most beautiful Nudibranchs I’ve seen here in Israel! I’ve Used a large aperture for a shallow DOF.

Dwarf Minke Whale- this shot was taken in the Ribbon reefs, the northern part of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. This shot was taken with natural light and the Nauticam WWL-1 during the big Minke Whale aggregation that happens every year during June-July.

Doto greenmyeri- the most famous Nudibranch in Tulamben! for this shot I didn’t use any strobes, my dive guide and dear friend helped me with some of his secrets to make this beautiful background using 2 snoot torches.

Costasiella Sp.- this shot was taken in Tulamben,Bali Indonesia. This shot is one of my favourite shots! For this shot I’ve stacked my CMC-1 over the Noodilab Moby, making it extremely hard to focus and getting a descent DOF.

Bubble Coral Shrimp- this shot was taken in Eilat, the Red Sea, Israel – for this shot I used the Inon Bugeye lens for a close focus wide angle effect.

Follow Itai

Instagram: https://instagram.com/itai_underwater_photography?igshid=qqus363ms2fu

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