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DEMA Dive Show 2012 Coverage – Part III

Finally managed to write the next part of our DEMA coverage.


The Canadian dive and video light distributor announced their new line of video lights and are gradually becoming one of the largest underwater light manufacturers in the North American market.

Itorch Venusian 700 Lumen Video LightI-torch Venusian at 700 Lumens , 80 deg angle , will retail for $200, very compact and 2 power levels.





The popular Pro4 will be replaced with Pro5 boasting 1600 lumens at an even lower price of under $399.

2 More models have been introduced , one with 100 deg angle of light , perfect for the action cameras and another 750 Lumen light with a battery indicator and new design.

More pictures and spec coming soon.

iPix Housing – Itorch showed their newly designed iphone case for the iphone 4 / 4S and soon the iPhone 5.  A prototype for the samsung galaxy 3 was also introduced.  The housing allows mounting external lenses and can easily be mounted on any tray.


Amphibico showed their new housing for the Red Epic / Scarlet, very impressive piece of work , will be shipping towards the end of the year.  This is an electronic housing, very ergonomic and quite compact compared to what you would think.

Amphibico Red Epic Scarlet HousingAmphibico Red Epic Scarlet Housing


We had a chat with the Olympus reps. They reassured us that Olympus is going to keep investing in the underwater division and even put more time and money in it in the next following year.

There were some interesting releases this year:

PT-053 Housing for Tough TG-1
Olympus PT-053 Housing for Tough TG-1

Olympus PT-054 Housing for XZ-2
Olympus PT-054 Housing for XZ-2

Olympus PT-EP08 housing for OM-D EM-5
Olympus PT-EP08 housing for OM-D EM-5

PT-EP10 for PEN E-PL5
Olympus PT-EP10 housing for PEN E-PL5


Nauticam is continuing to be an industry leader in almost every housing categories.

In the DSLR category, the new releases this DEMA was the Nikon D600 housing and the Canon 1Dx, also showcased were the popular Nikon D800 , D4 housing and the Canon 5D Mark III and 650D.

Nauticam housing for Nikon D800Nauticam housing for Nikon D600Nauticam housing for Canon 1Dx

In the Compact category , the new releases were the Canon G15 housing, Panasonic LX7, Canon S110 and an announcement of the upcoming Canon EOS-M.

Nauticam housing for Canon S110Nauticam housing for Sony RX100LCD Eyepiece for Nauticam compact housingNauticam housing for Panasonic LX7

Also showcased was a prototype of their Epic Red Scarlet housing.  Fully manual and very impressive design and engineering.

Nauticam housing for Red Epic / Scarlet

 Sea and Sea

Not much new in the Sea and Sea booth , the new D800 housing and 5D Mark III were showcased and some new compact packages in a nicely packed travel case.

Sea and Sea housing for Nikon D800Sea and Sea housing for Canon 5D Mark III

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