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Ambassador of the Month – Josh Blank

In this new section in our blog, we will feature our amazing Mozaik ambassadors so that you can get to know them better and learn about their fascinating lives.

The ambassador of this month is Josh Blank!

Josh, tell us a bit about how you became a diver and UW photographer?

 I first started diving about 12 months after graduating from University. I was finally working full time and had a bit of money to spare so thought I would put it to good use and try some new things. I remember at the time being super jealous while watching a video on the internet of a guy in a kayak paddling around a Great White Shark. I was actually annoyed that nothing cool like that had ever happened to me before… until I realised it never would unless i started putting myself out there haha.

Learning to dive was one of those things where I was hooked even after the learning dives in the pool! When I’d come back from a dive I would find it difficult to explain just how awesome it was to family and friends so becoming interested in underwater photography was a fairly natural progression – being able to show people how beautiful it is underwater brings me a lot of joy. I started taking photographs with a GoPro which quickly escalated into a basic compact camera set up and eventually a DSLR.

What’s your most memorable dive?

My most memorable dive would have to have been at Socorro Island – one of the islands that make up the Revillagigedo Archipelago in Mexico. Every dive on this trip was incredible but one in particular had us playing with a pod of Dolphins, 5 Oceanic Mantas, a few Galapagos Sharks and a very curious juvenile Whale Shark. I will never forget it!

Which gear do you currently use?

 I currently shoot with a Nikon D500 in an Ikelite housing. I have 2 Ikelite DS160 strobes and only shoot wide angle.

My favourite lens to use is the Tokina 10-17mm. I also have a Nimar Sports Pro Housing for a Nikon D7200 that I use when shore diving and have to get through the waves. 

How can we follow your work and get in touch?

I currently display my images via Instagram which can be found at @jblank_photography. I absolutely love to talk all things diving and underwater photography equipment and welcome anyone who would like to drop a message in my DMs!

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