Underwater Photography#ReDiveProject

1st Week of #ReDiveProject

What a fun-filled first week of our #ReDiveProject! Thank you so much to all who participated!

Here are the themes we had during our first week:

  1. July 1 – Blennies
  2. July 2 – Sharks
  3. July 3 – Rays
  4. July 4 – Octopus
  5. July 5 – Parrotfish
  6. July 6 – Moray Eel
  7. July 7 – Crabs

Here are some of the top photos from each day

July 1 – Blennies

By: fishportrait.pro

July 2 – Sharks

July 3 – Rays

July 4 – Octopus

July 5 – Parrotfish

July 6 – Moray Eel

To all the divers who participate during our first week of #ReDiveProject, thank you! Let’s continue spreading awareness around the world!

Jill B

Jill is an avid scuba diver based in the Philippines, with a strong passion for underwater photography.
Jill B

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