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Underwater System Suggestion – Fantasea RX100 III

Once in a while we will post quick guides to help you create your own custom system that fits your needs. This time we will concentrate on the Fantasea RX100 III housing!

Fantasea FRX100 III Housing for the Sony RX100 III
Fantasea FRX100 III Housing for the Sony RX100 III


Fantasea is Polycarbonate, as opposed to Sea & Sea and Nauticam which are Aluminum. There is a big difference in their feel and of course the price, but if you dive once or twice a year, you may not need the Aluminum housing and you can use that price difference for a strobe or a wide angle lens. All in all, Fantasea is a brilliant housing.


If you are considering the Sea & Sea YS-01 vs the YS-D1, then yes, the upgrade is well worth the extra $270, The YS-D1 is more powerful, more versatile and more accurate. 2 Strobes are much better than one but that comes at a price so this is your call to make.


Read our post about Flex Arms vs Ball & Joints HERE.

I shoot with Flex arms, many people prefer ball and joints. Frankly, for Macro the only thing that matters is that flex arms make a noise when moved and that can scare things like Goby’s away.

Macro Lens

With the RX100 III, you must have a macro lens for good macro so take that into account.

The Nauticam CMC is a great option for compact cameras and will work with any camera/housing with a 67mm thread. You will need a 55-67 step up ring.

Another excellent option is the Fantasea +8 Sharpeye.

If you want to do some off-camera lights, you need at least 2 powerful video lights. I would prefer SOLA’s as their angle is not as wide as others and then you get the beam effect in the shot , take a look at the SOLA 2100 Spot/Flood.

The 2000 Lument Flood SOLA‘s are a very good deal, going for only $449 each.

Here’s our recommendation:

Fantasea FRX100III with dual YS-D1 Package. – $2,099 (Optional Upgrade to Ball and Joint arms +$300)
2 x SOLA 2000 Flood Video Lights – $898
Macro Lens – Fantasea +8 SharpEye$199 (Optional Upgrade to CMC, +$121, Step Up ring needed)

Total System Cost – $3,196 – $3617

Whichever you choose, we are here to help. Contact our experts so we can help you choose the right system for your needs!

Update – The FRX100 IV is out! It’s almost identical to the FRX100 III so this blog post is very relevant.

Check out Fantasea’s Promo Video for the FRX100 IV:

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