Firmware update for Sony RX100 series Available! MUST HAVE!

sony rx100 mark v

Great news for underwater photographers using the Sony RX100 series! Sony has just released a firmware update – version 2.0, aimed specifically towards underwater photographers with two incredibly helpful updates:

  1. Underwater Auto feature in the White Balance settings.
  2. Flash Off mode when the Flash unit is popped-up (finally!).

The firmware update also improves the overall stability of the camera.

Up until now, the two above features were the major disadvantages compared to the Canon G7XII, but luckily Sony realized this in time and issues a fix.

The Underwater Auto mode is a blessing for those who don’t like messing around with custom WB and Kelvin settings and the Flash Off mode is excellent news for Fantasea housing users, who up until now were very frustrated that the flash can’t be turned off once it has been popped up!

We strongly advise updating your camera firmware, according to the instructions here*:

RX100 Mark III Firmware Update

RX100 Mark IV Firmware Update

RX100 Mark V Firmware Update

* Choose your operating system and go to the Firmware tab to download.

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  1. Ron May 2, 2017

    Thanks much !

  2. Adam Leaders June 6, 2017


  3. Ran Mor
    Ran Mor June 8, 2017

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Don Vittorio Sierra October 17, 2017

    Do you know if these updates take care of the minor glitches/stutters seen in video framerates? It seemed to be a common issue on many youtube camera comparison vids.

  5. Ran Mor
    Ran Mor October 17, 2017

    Hmmm good question.
    I haven’t noticed any glitches when I tested it, so I’m not sure whether or not they were fixed.
    Can you send a reference to the glitches you’re referring to?

  6. Amartya Banerjee May 25, 2018

    Hi Ran,
    Always find your posts very useful … especially the ones about the RX100, since I have been trying to use one too ! How is your experience with the underwater-auto mode ? Presumably, it works best upvto certain depths only ?


  7. Tal Mor
    Tal Mor May 27, 2018

    Auto mode works well in any depth but does not work as well when using an external light. Thats when manual settings come into play and give you a great advantage by setting shutter and aperture yourself.

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