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Ikelite Releases 2 Viewfinders – Straight and 45-Degree


Ikelite have recently announced the release of two types of viewfinders for it’s DSLR & Mirrorless housings – Straight and 45-Degree viewfinders.

These viewfinders can replace your original standard viewfinder and offer a better, brighter image with less vignetting for easier framing underwater.

The straight viewfinder is consistent with the way your are used to look through your viewfinder so it’s easier to get used to, and recommended for over/under shots, while the 45 Deg viewfinder provides a new shooting experience which significantly reduces strain on your arms and neck and helps you see the frame at a more natural posture.

The 45 Deg viewfinder can be rotated to view from any angle so you can use it both vertically or horizontally (or even upside down if that’s what you fancy…)

Both viewfinders start shipping mid-January and are available here:

Straight Viewfinder | US$850

45-Degree Viewfinder | US$950

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