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Nauticam Housing for Panasonic LX100 Coming Soon

Nauticam Housing for Panasonic LX100
Nauticam Housing for Panasonic LX100

The Panasonic LX100 is one of the most exciting compacts to hit the market, mainly thanks to its excellent 4K video capabilities. The industry has already nicknamed it the “Mini GH4“, and it is being discussed constantly on UW photographer’s forums.

One of the most interesting housings for the LX100 is bound to be the Nauticam NA-LX100 housing. We caught a glimpse of it at DEMA 2014 and we were mainly excited about the new compact interchangeable port system introduced by Nauticam. The LX100 will have 3 ports available – a regular round flat port, a rectangular flat port and a small dome port.

The round flat port would be ideal for macro shots, with a standard 67mm thread for fitting macro wet lenses. The rectangular flat port is meant for the 16:9 aspect ratio and the dome port would allow full use of the 24-75mm lens, without loosing FOV due to optical refraction, just like on DSLR / Mirrorless housings.

Nauticam Panasonic LX100
Nauticam’s new housing for the Panasonic LX100 featuring 3 port options for wide and macro.

The housing, just like the camera, is packed with manual controls, including 3 control dials, aspect ratio switch, focus mode dial, ISO, a few customizable FN buttons and plenty more easy to reach features, without entering the menu at all. Oh and did we mention the fairly usable EVF on the back?

Both the camera and housing were designed with the videographer in mind and allow smooth and intuitive video shooting.

The NA-LX100 will also include the Nauticam Vacuum Circuitry to utilize the Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System, optional via the M16 connector, which can also support an external HDMI monitor.

Nauticam LX100 Back Side
Nauticam LX100 Back Side

The NA-LX100 is expected to start shipping January 2015, and will be available HERE.

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  1. karl January 10, 2015

    The shape of the top of the NA-LX100 housing looks like it’s meant to host a flashlight – can you confirm this?

  2. Ran Mor
    Ran Mor January 13, 2015

    Indeed Karl, you can mount anything you want on the housing’s coldshoe using an adapter such as this:

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