Firmware Update for Sony A7 and A9 series

Real-time tracking

Sony announced a major firmware update for both their A7 and A9 series. This claims to enhance both camera’s AF performance and overall functionality of their full-frame cameras.

A9 Series

Sony A9

The new firmware version 5.0 and 6.0 have different focuses when enhancing the A9 series. The 5.0 version provides the following update:

  • Real-time Tracking mode
  • AI-based object recognition
  • Process Color
  • Depth distance
  • Brightness
  • Spatial Distance

Besides the above updates, it will enhance the Real-time Eye AF, which is the latest Eye AF technology of Sony. With this upgrade, it will improve the accuracy of the Eye AF. By half pressing the shutter button, the camera will track the eyes of your subject when you are in AF-C mode. You can also choose the preferred eye of your subject as the focus point.

The new firmware will include the TouchPad and Touch tracking wherein it extends the phase-detection AF aperture range from F11 to F16. It also has the Fast Hybrid AF great for video shooting.

In addition to the update, the A9 series will also be compatible with the new Imaging Edge Mobile application. This features a “Transfer and Tagging add-on” to help you with more professional workflow. Using this feature allows you to easily transfer images from your camera to a smartphone with the FTP function.

While the version 6.0 will add a new feature especially for wildlife photographers because of the Eye AF for animals will be added to the firmware update. With this, you can easily create stunning photos and time-lapse movies.

Release date:

  • Version 5.0: March 2019
  • Version 6.0: Summer of 2019

A7 Series

Sony A7

Not only the A9 series will be having a firmware update but also the Sony’s A7 series, specifically the a7RIII and a7III. Both the cameras Real-Time Eye AF function will be enhanced by the upcoming 3.0 version update.

Same with the A9 series update, while you are on the AF-C mode, half-press the shutter button to detect the eye of your subject. The update will also include a Real-Time Eye AF for animals.

The new update will enable the camera to get an interval recording functionality for you to create a time-lapse. Although, this requires the latest desktop application version of the Imaging Edge, Viewer, and PlayMemories Home.

With this new feature, you can set your camera between 1 and 60 seconds and you can get multiple shots from 1 to 9999 photos. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the AE tracking from low to high.

Release Date:

  • April 2019

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