Aquatica and Ikelite to Start Sharing TTL Circuitry

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Aquatica and Ikelite have just released a joint press release to announce a new collaboration, in which Aquatica will integrate Ikelite’s signature TTL Circuitry in their DSLR housings.

In short, this means that starting from Aquatica’s Canon 7D Mark II, you will be able to use Ikelite strobes such as the popular DS160/161, with perfect TTL sync through the camera’s hot shoe, without wasting battery on internal flash and achieving precise exposure with every shot.

This is great news for Aquatica users, allowing more creative options with their housings and opening the door for a new world of housing-strobe combinations.

Read the full press release below:

Press release: Aquatica / Ikelite Underwater Systems

Ikelite and Aquatica, two of the longest established housing manufacturers in the world and both proudly based in North America, share a long-term mutual respect and reputation for manufacturing high-quality underwater photographic equipment.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Ikelite and Aquatica will be partnering to make Ikelite’s signature internal TTL circuitry available in Aquatica’s distinguished line of housings.

This collaboration means that Ikelite TTL circuitry, the industry’s finest, will be integrated into the design of select Aquatica housings. Consistent exposure is the hallmark of Ikelite TTL technology. Integration directly into the housing gives the photographer total creative lighting control, with the opportunity to access both over/under exposure compensation and manual exposure settings through a single easy-to-reach control.

The visionary design of the Ikelite TTL circuitry takes its power source directly from the strobes, eliminating the unreliability of small batteries commonly used in TTL converters.

Ikelite’s legendary strobes are world renowned, coming from an evolutionary line of lighting products going back to 1962. Ikelite has dominated the strobe market with the quality of their products and savvy pioneering of true digital TTL technology. Ikelite DS-series strobes are favoured by scores of well published pros, for the pleasant soft warm light they deliver. The new energy efficient Li-Ion battery pack of their current DS161 and DS160 strobes will simply provide the quickest recycle time and most flashes per charge of anything on the market. The sturdy construction and easy accessed controls layout means they can, and do work in all type of environments. Ikelite strobes have the true mark of professional level equipment, yet remain affordable and simple to operate.

Aquatica is no newcomer to the industry of underwater photography itself, founded in 1982, and has long been a staunch supporter of Ikelite strobes, which they consider to be the best in the industry. Ikelite strobes connectors have long been offered by Aquatica, chosen mainly because of their reliable and rugged design. The integration of Ikelite TTL circuitry to Aquatica housings adds yet another level of versatility and helps broaden the creative boundaries of today’s demanding photographers.

The Aquatica A7D Mk II housing for the Canon 7D Mk II, to be introduced in early 2015, will be the cornerstone of this new and exciting collaboration.

This exciting partnership provides an unprecedented access for the consumer to better photos through the most sophisticated underwater TTL exposure available.

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