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Introducing: Fantasea FML Port System for Mirrorless

With the recent release of the Fantasea FA6500 underwater housing for the Sony A6500 / A6300, a new port system was born – the Fantasea FML. The first port to be released was the FML Flat Port 34, which works great with the 16-50mm kit lens and accepts 67mm wet lenses.

Today, Fantasea announced a few more additions to its line-up.

We’ve prepared a complete FML port chart, including Sea & Sea ports and gears which are required for some lenses.

FML Dome Port A6

FML Dome Port A6 (#2111)

The new dome port is made of high quality acrylic, features a 6″ curvature, and comes with a lens hood and rear cap an standard gear. A neoprene cover is also included for protection of the dome when not in use.

The A6 dome port works great with the Sony SEL16F28 lens. You can also add the VCL-ECF2 Fisheye Converter without any extra parts. It fits right under the dome and works beautifully providing a ultra wide fisheye field of view.

For supporting the VCL-ECU2 Ultra Wide Converter, as well as the Sony 10-18mm, you will need the 25mm extension ring as well as the dome.

FML Flat Port 34

FML Flat Port 34 (#2101)

The Flat port has already been released previously, to support the 16-50mm lens and the 30mm macro.

It features a 67mm thread on the front, to support various wet lenses in the industry, such as the UWL-09F and any 67mm macro lenses. It comes with a lens cap and rear cap for protection.

FML Port Extension 25

FML Extension Ring 25 (#2121)

This extension ring extends the port by 25mm, allowing longer lenses to be fitted.

A unique locking mechanism locks the extension to the port so that it won’t spin around when removing the port from the housing. It is compatible with both the dome port and flat port.

The extension is required in addition to the dome for using the SEL16F28 with the VCL-ECU2 Ultra Wide Converter, the Sony 10-18mm and if you add two extensions to the flat port, you’ll be able to fit the Sony 50mm Macro lens.

Lens Gear SEL30M35

Lens Gear SEL30M35 (#2203)

This focus gear will allow you to use the Sony SEL30M35 with manual focus, under the FML Flat Port 34.

Lens Gear SEL1018

Lens Gear SEL1018 (#2211)

This zoom gear will allow you to use the full zoom function of the Sony 10-18mm.

Lens Gear SELP1650

Lens Gear SELP1650 (#2201)

This zoom gear will allow you to use the full zoom function of the Sony 10-18mm.

Light Shielding Pad SEL16F28

Light Shielding Pad SEL16F28 (#2301)

This small foam ring is required whenever using the SEL16F28, whether using it with the wide angle converters or without.

The Light Shielding Pad blocks the output of light sources inside the housing from reflecting on the lens and dome.

View the full port chart for the FA6500 here

If you have any further questions or interested in supporting additional lenses not mentioned here, contact us at or via the chat form on the bottom right side of the screen. We’re always happy to help!

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