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Featured Underwater Photographer – Mara Feodor

One of the best ways to learn photography is to see other photographers’ work. We try to find some of the best underwater photographers in the world, and showcase their work, along with the gear they use, to help other aspiring photographers improve, learn new skills and get inspired.

This week we will feature the talented Mara Feodor!

About Mara

I started diving in 2013, knowing that it was not going to be just a recreational hobby. I became an instructor and having loved dry photography, I could not wait to shoot UW. I love taking my time and finding what looks best for the shots I take. My favourite is macro, but I am all around and still have a lot to learn. All the photos I have taken have been on my days off from teaching diving which takes up most of my time. UW Photography is my underwater escape from my regular underwater escape.

Mara’s Gear

I started shooting with an Olympus TG-4 and a Sea&Sea YS01 strobe (sometimes). Now I am using a Canon G7x MII and the same strobe (also sometimes).

Mara’s Work

Water lilies in Cenote Aktun Ha in Tulum, Mexico.

Suspended diver behind fallen trees..

Gray reef shark somewhere in the Bikini Atoll.

Mobula ray dancing at Shark Pass, Marshall Islands.

Beautiful specimen lurking on home turf, Marshall Islands.

Laced moray eel almost coming out to get you.

Marshallese anemone fish, endemic species to the Marshall Islands.

Hula dancing orange soft coral..hula!

Alert stingray on a freedive in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Corals caressing a hawksbill turtle.

Mugshot of a striped parrot fish.

Sponge planet.

Graceful anemone fish not anywhere near its anemone..

Wire coral goby, potentially radioactive, in the Marshall Islands.

A real close up of a scrawled filefish.

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