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Featured Underwater Photographer – Lorenzo Mittiga

One of the best ways to learn photography is to see other photographers’ work. We try to find some of the best underwater photographers in the world, and showcase their work, along with the gear they use, to help other aspiring photographers improve, learn new skills and get inspired.

This week we will feature the talented Lorenzo Mittiga!


About Lorenzo

Lorenzo is an awarded professional photographer/videographer, PADI instructor (with over 5500 dives in the professional world) and marine biologist. As a diving instructor since the 1990’s he has worked in many different places, including Italy, Seychelles, Red Sea, Mauritius and Bonaire. As a videographer he started working in the 90’s for the Italian television, taking part in the production of many ocean related and underwater documentaries and series, filming from Italy to Australia and participating in many expeditions, shooting also in 3D for Universal Pictures. Lorenzo has worked in cinema as well, filming various productions of underwater scenes for popular movies and commercial spots, shooting also for Walt Disney (Life Aquatic with Zissou).

Today Lorenzo is completely dedicated to photography. He shoots for brands such as NiMAR (for which he is the official photographer and ambassador), FlexArms Underwater systems (for which he is an ambassador) and Scuba Diving Magazine. Lorenzo is also committed to teaching photography and videography, striving to pass along his passion for his work and experience!

Lorenzo’s Gear

Camera bodies:

2x Nikon D800 Fx

1x Canon 7D APS

2x Nikon D80 APS


For Nikon FX: 10.5mm f2.8; 24-70mm f2.8; 70-200mm f2.8; 300mm f2.8 VR2; 28mm f2.8; 50mm f1.4; 60mm macro f2.8; Sigma 70-300mm f4.5APO

For Canon:
Lens: Tokina 11-17mm f3.5


Nimar Pro Housing for Nikon D810

Nimar housing for Canon 7D

Aquatech Elite Sport for Nikon D800; Pistol grip; Dome port 6”

UW Strobes:

2x SEA&SEA alpha 110

2x SEA&SEA 110

1x Nikon SB 103

2x Lumecubes

4x videolights : 2x Nimar 150watt HID; 2x MichiTech 100 watt. ;


© Lorenzo Mittiga

© Lorenzo Mittiga

© Lorenzo Mittiga

© Lorenzo Mittiga

© Lorenzo Mittiga | Winner of National Geographic 2019 Portfolio Review

© Lorenzo Mittiga

© Lorenzo Mittiga

© Lorenzo Mittiga

© Lorenzo Mittiga

© Lorenzo Mittiga

Get in Touch with Lorenzo

Lorenzo’s website

Lorenzo Mittiga Fine Art Photography – Facebook Page 

Lorenzo Mittiga on Instagram

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