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DEMA 2015 – I-Torch Presents the Symbiosis: Video Light and Strobe Combined!

Symbiosis - Video light and strobe combined!
Symbiosis – Video light and strobe combined!

We have waited a long time for this and it looks like somebody finally stood up to the challenge!

I-Torch unveiled a new and impressive light, combining a powerful 24 GN strobe and a strong 4000 Lumen video light in one single unit!

Up until now, photographers looking for a versatile solution usually got one strobe and one video light, or dual strobes with a video light mounted on the top. Some even went all the way with two strobes and two video lights, creating quite a heavy and complex system to handle.

We did see previous attempts for combining the two, such as the Ikelite DS161. However, while the DS161 is probably one of the best strobes ever made, the 500 Lm video light it features is hardly enough and is mostly used as a focus light.

A good strobe combined with a powerful video light is certainly an industry first.

Symbiosis - Video light and strobe combined!

Naturally, it isn’t the most compact device you will find, but for these specs, looks like the engineers have outdone themselves. The Symbiosis consists of a larger strobe unit, quite similar to the YS-D2/YS-D1 we are all familiar with.  On the top part of the strobe, a Venom-style video light has been integrated in to a shallow recess on the strobe.

Both lights feed off the same battery located on the top part, which can be replaced with a spare.

The strobe is triggered via fiber optic cable, with a connector on the front.

While fully functional TTL has not yet been implemented on this model, it is capable of a type of exposure lock, which samples the distance to the object on the first successful exposure  and modifies the power output as the distance increases or decreases.

The Symbiosis was currently demonstrated in two different models, with and without an LCD panel on the back. The video light on the top can also be exchanged with different light heads. We saw the 1000 Lm and 4000 Lm flood options, but the potentially the platform can allow other options, such as spot/flood, red light, UV and interchangeable light heads.

Overall we’re very excited to see how this light pans out and looking forward to the moment it hits the market!

I-Torch have also introduced some great new video lights as you can see below:

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