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Best Underwater Housing for Sony A7R IV

Choosing an underwater housing for your camera can be a daunting task. We want to make things easier for you, so we’ve created this mini-guide to help you decide what’s the best underwater housing for your Sony A7IV!

What are the options?

Nauticam NA-A7RIV Underwater Housing for Sony A7R IV

Nimar Underwater Housing for Sony A7RIV

Aquatica Underwater Housing for Sony A7RIV

Ikelite 200DL Underwater Housing for Sony a7R IV / A9 II

Comparison Chart

Nauticam NA-A7RIV NiMAR NIA7IV Aquatica A7rIV Ikelite A7rIV
Material Aluminum Polycarbonate Aluminum Policarbonate
Port Lock System N100 Bayonet NIM-108 Bayonet Aquatica Bayonet Dry Lock Push On
Controls Full Controls All Controls except – Exposure compensation dial, Control wheel, Joystick up/down/left/right (Joystick can be depressed). Full Controls All Controls except – Diopter adjustment, Control wheel, Joystick up/down/left/right (Joystick can be depressed).
Vacuum System Available separate Available separate Included Available Separate
Default Bulkhead (strobe connection) 2 x fiber optic. Nikonos / Ikelite / Video out available separate 1 x fiber optic with LED Trigger. Nikonos available separate Specify when ordering – Nikonos / Ikelite / Dual Optical available Ikelite manual bulkhead included. TTL converter sold separate
Depth Rating 100m / 330ft 60m / 200ft 90m / 300ft (optional upgrade to 130m / 450ft) 60m / 200ft
Grips Included Both sides, with ball mounts Both sides Both sides Left side only
Price (USD) $3050 $1435 $2949 $1695


When choosing a housing for your Sony A7r IV, you must first decide on a budget, which would determine whether you get an aluminum or polycarbonate housing. Read more about the differences here.

Nauticam have the advantage of a very robust port system, which can support nearly any relevant lens and many Canon lenses as well using the metabones adapter. Aquatica have a slightly more limited port system.

However, Aquatica includes the vacuum system for a slightly lower price and allows you to choose the bulkhead that will fit your choice of strobes.

Nauticam are generally more available than Aquatica and we can deliver most of their housings rather quickly, while Aquatica take a bit longer to receive, as some of their housings are made per order or in lower quantities.

If you choose to go the polycarbonate route, a big consideration is strobes – NiMAR fully supports Sea & Sea Inon strobes while with Ikelite you can only use Ikelite strobes, or S&S type on manual only. You cannot trigger strobes optically with Ikelite.

We hope this summary was helpful! If you are still having a hard time deciding, reach out to us via the online chat or shoot us an email at
You can also ask us anything in the comments below so that it will be visible to our community and more helpful for everyone!

Dive safe and mind your fins!

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