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Best Underwater Housing for Canon G7X Mark III

Choosing an underwater housing for your camera can be a daunting task. We want to make things easier for you, so we’ve created this mini-guide to help you decide what’s the best underwater housing for your Canon G7X III!

What are the options?

Fantasea FG7X III Vacuum Underwater Housing for Canon G7X III

Nauticam NA-G7XIII Underwater Housing for Canon G7X Mark III

Ikelite Underwater Housing for Canon G7X III

Comparison Chart

Fantasea Vacuum FG7XIII Nauticam NA-G7XIII Ikelite G7XIII
Material Polycarbonate Aluminum Polycarbonate
Thread Mount 67mm 67mm 67mm
Controls Full Controls Full Controls All camera controls except Flash switch and Mobile Device Connection button
Vacuum System Included Available Separate Available Separate
Strobe Connection Removable double fiber optic cable connection 2 x fiber optic. Nikonos / Ikelite / Video out available separate  2 Fiber optic connectors included
Depth Rating 200ft/60m 330ft/100m 200ft/60m
Interchangeable Ports No, fixed flat port Yes, dome port and short port available Yes, dome port available
Price (USD) $499.95 $1,150.00 $549.95


The Canon G7X III is an amazing camera to use underwater. It’s a great system to grow with and with additional accessories is capable of nearly anything.

All housings available are good choices. The Fantasea housings have been our top sellers for years and provide the best value for this camera. They also provide better ergonomics than the Ikelite and have the vacuum system built in for a lower price than just the Ikelite housing. Fantasea also allows access to pop up the flash underwater, whereas with Ikelite you have to remember to pop it up before closing the housing.

Ikelite has the advantage of switching to a dome port instead of the standard flat port, and benefitting from a wider field of view without fussing around with wet lenses. It’s also better for split shots, rather than using a wet lens.

If you prefer to get the best – Nauticam is the way to go. Better quality materials, excellent ergonomics, interchangeable ports, vacuum system available, access to pop up the flash and more. The catch is of course the price – more than double the Ikelite / Fantasea housings. If it’s within your budget, you’re going to love it. However, if your budget is limited and it’s either getting the Nauticam housing alone, or getting a polycarbonate housing + strobe, we would recommend getting a strobe which would improve your photos far more than the type of housing you use.

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