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Richard Huntrods | Mozaik Ambassador

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I started diving in Feb 2000, and received my PADI open water in May diving at the Sunshine Coast. Since then I've been active diving almost every week. From 2000-2006 most of my diving was either in lakes in Banff National Park, Alberta (lakes) or on the Canadian west coast, either Sunshine Coast or Vancouver Island. In 2001 I obtained my PAID divemaster rating, and then took some technical instruction. In 2010 I became an SDI instructor for Nanaimo Dive Outfitters, and moved to PADI as an instructor when the shop changed.

In 2006 my wife and I moved to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island so that I could get more ocean diving in. SInce then I've been out almost every weekend.

Over the years I have owned a Gavin DPV and a DIve-X DPV, and currently own and dive a Dive-X Piranna 1. I have taken a camera on me on almost every dive since 2006. I have been a land photographer since 1975, and an underwater photographer since 2003. I love taking photos, and 99% of my underwater work is macro photography.

I learned to dive a Prism Topaz rebreather in 2007 and currently split time between it and open circuit. All my diving has been in Canada, with most here on Vancouver Island.

Richard's Current Gear

As for gear, I have three DUI drysuits, a Prism Topaz rebreather, many tanks (stage, bailout, etc.) as well as a 100cf steel tank for my open circuit rig. I currently have a Dive-X Piranna 1 scooter. For camera work I still have my Canon A570IS with an Ikelite housing, but my primary camera systems are a Canon G16 in an Ikelite TTL housing with a Z240 strobe, Kraken 3000 Focus light and Sola 1200 video/light and a Canon 7D (mk1) in a Nauticam NA-7D housing with two Ikelite DS125 strobes and a BIgblue focus light (3led, 8AA model). I also have a go-pro clone that mounts to the Piranna scooter.

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