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Dick Gibson | Mozaik Ambassador

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I have had a photography business or studio (part time) for most of my life.

My first underwater photographs were taken with a Kodak Instamatic in a Ikelite housing with a flash cube for light. Early 1970's.

Later I purchased my first Nikonos 2 with the ultra-wide, macro attachment and two giant Ikelite strobes. With this camera I have taken thousands of slides and won several underwater photo contests.

Later in life I put a Nikon D700 in an Ikelite housing with an assortment of lenses, strobes and video lights. This experience yielded some great pictures and videos. However, this camera weighed 26 lbs. and it was like pushing a bus through the water. NO MORE OF THAT

For the last 4 years I have been using a GoPro 3+ Black with two Sola video lights which is a fraction of the weight and bulk and produces some dramatic videos.

Dick's Current Gear

  • GoPro 3+ Black
  • 2 x Sola 1200 video lights

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